We promote education and harmony for future generations worldwide from the shaded palm of the Abraham Accords.

Our inspiration


Tamara Ziserman, of blessed memory, faced unspeakable horrors at the tender age of 11 during the Holocaust. 

The Chodosevitchs, a devout Christian family, sheltered her in their chimney to protect her from the horrific fate that befell her own family during the mass Jewish execution in Lahoysk, Belarus. Tragically, the Chodosevitchs were captured for their role in the resistance, and executed together with their six-month year old baby.

Despite it all, Tamara went on to survive a Nazi Labor Camp and built a new life. She leaves behind a legacy of strength, resilience and family roots.

Janina, Piotr, and Antonina Chodosevitch were honored as Righteous Among the Nations at Yad Vashem.

Eitan Neishlos's grandmother, Tamara Ziserman, age 10. Credit- N.F.

Our Pillars


Inspiring a generation of upstanders through Holocaust education and all forms of discrimination across religious denominations, from Australia to Israel and throughout the Abraham Accord region.

Social impact

Striving to bring about positive generational transformation is our cornerstone commitment centered on cultivating enduring social impact through partnerships and collaborative efforts.

Carrying the torch

Empowering the upcoming generation of young leaders, from all walks of life, to bear the torch of remembrance, guiding and uniting them toward a future of cultural tolerance and coexistence.

Philanthropic Highlights

Courage to Care

Neishlos served as chairman of Courage to Care NSW Australia, with 100+ volunteers including Holocaust survivors, and has educated over 200K young adults of all religious denominations about the dangers of discrimination.

UNITY Exhibition

Neishlos, in partnership with the Israeli Embassy in Canberra, founded the Unity Exhibition which was curated as an extension of the Rabin Center in Tel Aviv, on the 25th anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin's assassination, to promote the values of leadership and peace.


Neishlos mentored and match funded a group of young philanthropists in Australia, for the benefit of their Israeli peers in need.

house of lords

A symbolic passing of the torch from a Holocaust Survivor to Neishlos, on behalf of the Third Generation, witnessed by dignitaries and members of the House of Lords.

March of the living

Neishlos led the March of The Living at Auschwitz on behalf of the Third Generation, and in a historic first, lit the torch of remembrance side-by-side with HE Ahmed Obaid Almansoori. Both recited the Tanach and Koran respectively. "You save one life, you save the world entirely."


Neishlos is the first Ambassador to March of The Living in the Gulf. In partnership, The Crossroads of Civilization Museum hosted the first-ever inaugural Kristallnacht event in the Arab and Muslim world, featuring a Holocaust survivor who shared her story with young adults of all religious backgrounds.

Soul to Sole

In partnership with March of the Living and Auschwitz Foundation, Neishlos led the funding to restore all the shoes of the children of Auschwitz ensuring that their testimony and the vital evidence survive.


Neishlos and his production company 18 Reflections, together with Zikaron Basalon, produced an album inspired by the pain of the Holocaust and the hope for the future with Israel's leading artists, The album was launched with the President of Israel at his residence in Jerusalem.


The Israeli Embassy in Abu Dhabi, in partnership with Neishlos and the Jewish Agency, hosted their inaugural Independence celebration in the UAE since the historic signing of the Abraham Accords.

LEADING Positive Change
with our partners

“If we all give a little, it becomes a lot,” Eitan explains. “The model is working, and it is a call to action for young adults around the world to stand up and be counted – to make a difference. They have a voice and a lot of depth and a lot of giving potential.”

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